The Caboolture Four Wheel Drive Club is a family orientated club catering for both experienced and novice drivers. The Club was formed in May 1994 and is affiliated with the Qld Assoc. of Four Wheel Drive Clubs.

The objectives of the club are:

  • To foster good will and fellowship between members.
  • To promote safety and familiarity in the use of members vehicles.
  • To promote conservation of the natural environment.

The club welcomes owners of all makes and models of 4WDs. Our members include both single and family members, and our activities cater for a variety of interests.
As the Club is an Incorporated Body, members enjoy the protection and benefits offered by such an organization.
Usually two activities are scheduled each month, with a number of full weekend camping trips each year.

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16th of October 2016 11:06 PM Link
Something you don't see a lot of
(sent in by Jacob)
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16th of October 2016 09:41 AM Link
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15th of October 2016 09:30 AM Link
If you're out with jet ski boating or fishing up the Cape watch out the police have set up an RBT
Or maybe they just got caught out lol
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14th of October 2016 06:09 AM Link
Locked your keys in your Mitsubishi?
It's just a little tap in the right place to unlock the doors
11th of October 2016 06:03 AM Link
I think I've found my next Bullbar !

And I'm sure transport inspectors would have me off the road real fast
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